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Thank you for your interest in Black In Engineering. Please find below some of our featured and inspirational members!

Muyinatu Bell, PhD


Muyinatu Bell, PhD

Biomedical Engineering

Johns Hopkins University

Ultrasound imaging, photoacoustic imaging, surgical guidance, beamforming, medical robotics, deep learning for image formation

Carlotta A. Berry, PhD

Electrical Engineering, Robotics

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

human-robot interaction, human-robot interfaces, robotics education, mobile robotics, diversity in STEM

Carlotta Berry, PhD

Jasmine Berry, PhD

Computer Science, Engineering


Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Computer Science

Audrey Bowden, PhD

Biomedical Engineering

Vanderbilt University

Biophotonics, medical imaging, technology for low-resource settings

Audrey Bowden

Karis Boyd-Sinkler

Karis Boyd-Sinkler

Engineering Education; Industrial & Systems Engineering; Nanomedicine Engineering


Engineering Education; Broadening Participation for underrepresented and minoritized populations

David Delaine, PhD

Engineering Education
iCBL Lab – Ohio State University

Community-based learning, transformational service-learning, outreach, DEI in engineering, social justice

Kris Dorsey, PhD

Electrical Engineer, Mechatronics, Robotics

Personal Website

Stretchable sensors and actuators, soft systems for healthcare, reconfigurable sensors

Tyrone Grandison, PhD

Software & Data Engineering

Personal Website

Open Data, Social Good

Karmella Haynes, PhD

Karmella Haynes, PhD

Biomedical Engineering
Personal Website

Biomedical engineering, synthetic biology (molecular biology)

Jasmine Lawrence

Robotics, Product Management, STEM Education, Entrepreneurship

Personal Website

Human-Centered Design, Human Robot Interaction

Racheida Lewis, PhD

Engineering Education, Electrical Engineering
Personal Website

DE&I in engineering, first-year engineering, engineering matriculation patterns, support programs for underrepresented engineering students

Leroy Long, III, PhD

STEM Education, Mechanical Engineering
Personal Website

STEM (engineering) education; mechanical engineering (biomechanics)

Chukwuebuka Nweke, PhD

Civil (Geotechnical) and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Seismology, Geomorpholgy, Earthquake Engineering

USC Viterbi

Sedimentary basin effects in ground motion; biocemented sand behavior; seismic hazard modeling, assessment, and analysis;

Susan Okrah

Chemical and Molecular Engineering, Immuno Engineering

Tahira Reid Smith, PhD

Mechanical Engineering

Human-Centered Design, Intersecting Diversity and Engineering, Sociotechnical Systems, Human-Machine Systems, Human-Machine Interactions, Compassionate Design.

Monet Roberts, PhD

Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

 lymphatics in glioblastoma and other pathologies,  sugar rich outer coating on the cellular surface known as the glycocalyx and its role in driving membrane curvature in the biogenesis of microvesicles in breast cancer

Michelle White (Dickerson)

Biomedical Engineering, Neural Engineering


Injury Biomechanics, Traumatic brain injury, neuroinflammation, nanotechnology/drug delivery, DEI in engineering, Recruitment and retention of underrepresented and minoritized students

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